Name is
Bipul Roy

I'm a web developer, very passionate about the internet and technologies.

Bipul Roy

About me

I am a full-stack web developer from Dhaka, Bangladesh. To me, It’s about playing with ideas and creating something meaningful. I enjoy the process like a kid with a bowl of colorful candies.

At school, I wanted to be a doctor. It changed when I saw they use needles on kids. The next meaningful choice in our culture is to become an engineer. Besides, I love breaking and making things. I also love technology [ how much? on the blog ]. So, I chose a career in computer science. I studied computer science and engineering at AUST. Now I’m working as a freelance web developer on Upwork.

It’s been about six years since I started web development. I worked with international clients and also collaborated with teams. I have coded for someone who just wanted a meaningful online presence and also with someone who went for big. I love to work with positive and visionary people. I’m an entrepreneurial spirit and am always ready to join similar-minded people.

From the day I created my first website until today, my goal has always been and will always be to deliver something meaningful and positive to the world.