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Do you want people to read your articles without skipping them? Do you want people to love them, re-read them and share them with their friends and family? Before I tell you how? Think for a moment about why YOU like or skip through an article. I am not an expert on article writing, but I know what you are thinking. Because the reasons are apparent, and we often ignore them. So after reading tons of articles about writing articles, I came up with a list of simple and effective rules. They work, are simple to understand, universal, and easy to follow. So here’s how you can make your blog posts lovable, shareable and engaging –

  • Write like you’re talking to a stranger about your favorite subject without being boring. People tend to get carried away while talking about their favorite subjects. So, stop and look back and ensure it’s not too much. In fact, ensure it’s less.
  • If you want people to love your content, make them lovable. Be honest. Make your content humble(fewer adjectives and adverbs), precise(easy and short sentences), and straight to the point(no blah).
  • Value people’s time. You value your time, me too. So don’t present your content in a way that kills people’s time.
  • If you can’t keep your promise, don’t make one. When you say – the best blog post of the century, it better be the best blog post of the century. Otherwise, you are none but a liar.
  • Remember, you are writing for people, not for robots or search engines. If your content is helpful and people enjoy them, no one can hold it back.

And that’s it.

Now, If you haven’t read my first blog post, in which you may see the no-to-dos in action. Here it is – How to learn anything and not forget like the geniuses.

Finally, you will find many articles and videos on the internet describing the same facts. Some of them were too technical for me. But I also found a few of them were like air. You inhale, and it gets inside. Here’s one of the airy but life-saving articles I would suggest every blogger read – The Day You Became A Better Writer by Scott Adams.

Happy blogging 馃檪

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