My favorite AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools for web development

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It’s surprising that Tom developed a professional website and made it live in just 2 minutes. It took 35 seconds to convert the design to a functional website and 1 minute and 25 seconds to optimize and make it live while I was still boiling eggs for breakfast. So, how did Tom do that? Tom is an AI-powered, super intelligent virtual assistant. It can create websites and apps from abstract ideas. It can also do all kinds of assisting work without any supervision. Although Tom is fictional, we’ll see how we can use Tom’s powers to improve our web development workflow right now.

I do web development and love to code. But, some tasks are so tedious and time-consuming that many developers hate them. Before AI, we just had to deal with it, but now we have many powerful tools and technologies driven by AI to help developers become more productive. Here are some powerful AI-driven tools and technologies that have made web developer’s life easier and more enjoyable.

AI for making logos

I use Hatchful – the custom logo maker by Shopify. It is free, fast, and has several customization options. It uses AI to generate logos based on industries, visual styles, and purposes. I also use them when I’m generating ideas. It’s a quick and easy way to get a custom logo for your projects.

AI for generating user photos

I use thispersondoesnotexist to generate anonymous people’s photos for my projects. Sometimes, it can get tricky if you use a person’s face in your project without their consent or copyright. Use thispersondoesnotexist instead to generate random faces. It uses AI behind the scenes to create people’s faces who don’t exist. So, you can use them without any concern.

AI for editing photos

I use Adobe Photoshop for editing, cropping, and resizing project images. The software has several built-in AI-powered features. For example, subject selection, object selection, enhanced details, content-aware fill, sky selection, etc. It makes some of the most time-consuming work faster and easier for designers and developers. Pixlr and VanceAI are some of the online tools I like.

AI for generating content

I use RytrLorem Ipsum is the go-to tool for many designers and developers to generate dummy content, and I use it too. Lorem Ipsums are fine when used as a placeholder. But when I need actual content on a specific topic, I use Rytr. It is an easy-to-use content generator driven by AI. You can also generate content ideas, creative calls to action, business names, etc. 

AI for quick prototyping

I use Sketch2Code from Microsoft. Creating a functional prototype from a hand-drawn sketch requires a lot of work and time. Not anymore. See your hand-drawn sketches or wireframes in action within minutes. Play with different ideas and see them in real life before finalizing them. Sketch2Code  is an AI-powered tool from Microsoft that generates HTML code from hand-drawn sketches.

AI for coding faster

Assuming you are a developer, here are some AI-powered tools for you to integrate with your VS code. These tools will speed up your development process. Use IntelliCode for context-based code suggestions, Tabnine AI Autocomplete for code autocompletion, and Mintlify Doc Writer for those who hate writing documentation. Now, if you don’t know how to code, you can still create things using the help of OpenAI codex (which is also powering Github copilot ). It can generate code from natural languages. For example, you can just write, “Create a green button that says Hello World”. It will produce the necessary code for you like an expert developer.

AI for finding solutions

I use Google. It’s an obvious one. Still, it’s the only tool that I’ve never stopped using since I started. It has a super-intelligent algorithm that understands what you are looking for and shows you more accurate results than any other search engine I know. Whether I’m stuck on a coding problem, looking for a better solution, or gathering ideas for a project, I Google. You can also do fun stuff with Google and here is an article on that topic— “Google Search tricks and the answers to your boredom“.

These are the AI-powered tools I use the most. I prefer using them in my web development process because they make me more productive and efficient. If you haven’t tried these tools yet, try them. These tools will definitely improve your workflow and make web development more enjoyable.

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